OmniOutliner 2 App Reviews

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Simple to use; Easy to customize with templates

I use this to take notes on everything (lecture notes, to-do lists, lyrics, interviews, class options, book drafts, budgets…) on both iOS and my laptop.

Real Developers

Their company obviously employs world class talent. I actually get responses to suggestions and frustrations from real human beings on their development team. Upgrading from iPhone 5 to 6s was a huge help too.

Great App

I have tried others but always come back. It is great for taking notes and other applications. The ability to collapse and expand notes is a great tool to stay focused. Buy it. It is worth the money. It syncs well also with the Mac version.

An absolute essential.

Ive been a long time user of Outliner for Mac. It plays such a pivotal role in my writing that I cant imagine writing without it. This is an excellent iOS port that allows me to read, edit, and create my outlines. For me, its an absolute essential.

Get Organized

Use this app in conjunction with the desktop app. Its an excellent way to organize my thoughts, design plans, and any outlines. It works perfectly and I highly recommend to anyone who needs a streamlined way to plan!

Totally overpriced

No way to consider this app to be good when youre used to the power of mindmapping period.

Buggy, buggy, buggy

As is the case with other OmniGroup apps: The Mac version is perfect while the iOS version is either limited in functionality or does contain too many bugs. The most annoying bug for me is the erratic behavior of the highlighting tool. Way too often I have to clear a style I havent set in order for the highlighted words to really get highlighted. I wish OmniGroup would fix this time-consuming bug asap. Also, they should test the highlighting feature extensively for it contains further bugs...


and I love the new (beta) iCloud sync.


Still the best outliner.

No PDF Export

The App is actually very good. It looks great. It is too bad nobody can enjoy your outlines the way the are supposed to look. Ill update my review to 5 stars as soon as I can export to PDF

Partially developed app

It seems to be a partially developed app, which is still short of required and desired features. It is not more than a toy for a child, at the moment. For this price tag, it must have the missing features.

Keeps getting better and better!

I was part of the beta test group for OmniOutliner and still cant believe how useful it is on an iPhone 6 Plus. The Omni Group has outdone themselves on this release!

Finally here!!

Ive been waiting so long for this to be available in iphone and here it is now!! Being able to access all my teaching notes in iphone is such a productivity booster! Thanks omni again!

These guys sweat every detail...

...and make tools that make creative work easier. This was the last piece I was waiting for and Im so happy to pay a good amount for it because thats what keeps these tinkering away making the best possible stuff.

No Attachments despite website info

As of 2015 early April the info on their website that iOS version (including 2.3.1) has Attachment support is false. Support confirmed 2015-04-22 attachment support is a future version, so careful about whether to spend your money. This was a key feature requirement for me, and with the price of this app this false feature representation is significant.

Two Improvements suggested

1. I would like to be able to add pictures in the iPad version. Adding pictures is possible on OSX. 2. Please incorporate handwriting into OmniOutliner for iPad Pro. I would love to be able to handwrite and manage my outline in handwriting. If you really wanna be the best Outlining app then incorporate voice recognition to dictate and command(indent). hope my suggestions get noticed!!!


A dedicated outlining app is a fantastic help. I use it for notes and organizing all kinds of bits of information. Being able to add columns is a revolution.


Very good application. Sometimes buggy. But its very easy to plan projects without laptop.

Remains the gold standard.

This remains the gold standard for outlining.


I invested in this app yesterday and am so thrilled I had to report in. This is beautiful, professional software. Everything seems to work and the style possibilities are endless. Everything you need to take notes, make lists, write a screenplay or book. I had my whole business in one large Omni outline on an 8-year-old Mac, OS 10.4. I emailed the file to my ipad and it opened right up in the app! I was thrilled because Id thought I would need to copy everything piece by piece. Dont think of this as an app... its ELEGANTLY CREATED SOFTWARE for $30. A bargain! Thank you Omni.

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